Monday 10 June 2024

Tatania Rosa Updates

 Good afternoon everyone. I've decided to start blogging again. 

Lots has been happening at Tatania Rosa HQ and I thought I'd share some of them here.

Firstly, I've decided to run a Flash Sale over in my Etsy shop. Get 25% OFF your order. Prices have been marked down throughout the store on tatting patterns, bookmarks, jewellery and more, and the offer is valid until midnight this evening (Monday) BST / 7pm EDT.

A grid of eight tatted lace pieces with a photo of me in the centre.

Next, I've slowly been adding tatting patterns. I wish I could be quicker at listing them but I get stressed whilst doing them (which is something I need to work on for future patterns). This means I need to pace myself but I am happy once I've completed them. So here are my latest bookmark patterns (click on the photos to go to each listing):

Not only have I been working on my Etsy shop, I'm also adding to my website here. (I have a One of A Kind and Limited Edition Collection in the works that will be added to my website soon and I'll share the link here when it's ready.)

In other news, I've created a Ko-fi page where you can find behind the scenes stuff, a poll and a shop. If you'd like to support my business but can't afford any items right now, you can buy me a digital coffee. This is totally voluntary and all money will go back into my business to buy materials and tools. Thank you 😘.

That's it for today.
Have a lovely Monday,
Heather x

Listening to: The Longest Johns.
Reading: The Marlowe Papers by Ros Barber.
Watching: 1899 on Netflix.

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