Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More Tatting!

Hello. How is everyone on this beautifully sunny day? Well it's been a very busy couple of days for me. I have quite a few new pieces in the pipeline, most of these are earrings. I recently bought some more balls of crochet cotton. I now have a dusky pink, a mid blue and a brown. I've also bought my first skein of hand dyed thread from a fellow tatter. I'll probably tat a one of a kind item in this. At the moment I'm just trying to think of a suitable desgin. I'll keep you posted.

Remember the fantasy cuff from the previous blog post? Well I finished it off and listed it (and on Folksy too).

I added quite a few Swarovski Crystals to give it a nice sparkle. This would look so beautiful at a wedding or at a prom! I'm working on the gothic version at the moment.

I've also listed a bridal necklace on Etsy:

Yesterday I thought up a pattern that might work. The picture below shows how it is at the moment. What do you think? I'm trying it out as a bracelet but I think this design also has potential as other pieces of jewellery. Oh and yes that is one of the shuttles I like to use.

I hope this idea works!

More items coming soon,

Heather xxx

Thursday, 15 April 2010


Good morning. I've been adding some items to my shops. These are a few pairs of earrings using the same pattern. It's quite a simple design but effective nonetheless. The first pair was tatted in lilac cotton thread and featured clear Swarovski Crystals. Find it on Etsy and Folksy.

The next is in black with amethyst crystals:

Find it here and in pounds here. The final pair is in white with light rose crystals:

Check it out here and here. I've decided to call this design Fleur as they remind me of flowers. These would make a nice inclusion to any outfit. I'm thinking of doing an all black pair and maybe black with red crystals.

At the moment I'm working on a fantasy cuff in lilac and white cotton thread. Here it is at the moment:

Today I shall be adding crystals to some of the rings to give it more of a magical, mystical feeling. I'm really looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tatting Treasury and Secret Projects

Hello. How was your weekend? I had a relaxing time eating chocolate and watching films. We ended the extended weekend with the first Die Hard movie last night. I'm tempted to watch films 2 - 4 in the next few days.

I found out last night that my Lillian set has been included in a beautiful tatting treasury here. Check it out.

I'm so close to finishing my custom order. Once I've completed that I'll get on with some other projects. I think I've got about 5 bracelets and cuffs on the go. I thought of a great idea for some earrings today. There's also a super secret project that I'm thinking about starting soon. I really hope it works. It looks wonderful in my head but the question is will it work in practice? Watch this space!   

More tomorrow,

Sunday, 4 April 2010

Happy Easter!

Good morning and Happy Easter everyone!

Loads of things have been happening over here. At present I'm working on a large custom order that I'm aiming to finish sometime today. I'll speak more about this later, suffice to say that this is very exciting order for me.

I've added a few more items to my Etsy shop. One of which is my second lace-up cuff. I decided to use my Elizabeth pattern and then add a second layer. It's in variegated lilac but I can tat it in different colours.

This is my most expensive item so far as it took quite a few hours to create. This would look so beautiful at a Renaissance Faire.

If you would like this as a pair, I'm happy to tat the two up for you. Here's the back.

I've just bought some gold crochet cotton so I'm thinking about tatting a cuff in that soon. I think it might have to be a limited edition run as I'm not sure how much more of that colour I can get. 

I also listed a gothic necklace using my Katherine design. Here's the listing. 

I used red glass beads up the ribbon to bring out the colour of the red seed beads on the motif. Look out for more like this!

The final listing is my Elaine set. Hurry! This is in my SALE section for a limited time only!