Monday, 30 August 2010

So many ideas, not enough time!

Hello to one and all. How was your summer? I had a very nice time up in Herefordshire then in Devon. I've taken loads of pictures so I shall do a holiday blog soon.

Apart from that what have I been up to? Well, I'm working on an alchemy request at the moment. I've tatted up the prototype and am just waiting for some gemstones. I'm really excited about finishing this piece! When it's done I'll post some pictures here for you all to see.

I've started working on two 3D pieces. This is one of them. Can you guess what it is yet?

I'm also been working on some Celtic earrings and bracelets, one of which is listed on Etsy here. This one is silver / grey and medium purple. A black and purple set will be available soon.

I'm also tatting a wedding coaster. Check out the rest of my coasters here. I've added a few 'choose your own colour' listings in case you don't want black.

Heather x

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