Monday 10 June 2024

Tatania Rosa Updates

 Good afternoon everyone. I've decided to start blogging again. 

Lots has been happening at Tatania Rosa HQ and I thought I'd share some of them here.

Firstly, I've decided to run a Flash Sale over in my Etsy shop. Get 25% OFF your order. Prices have been marked down throughout the store on tatting patterns, bookmarks, jewellery and more, and the offer is valid until midnight this evening (Monday) BST / 7pm EDT.

A grid of eight tatted lace pieces with a photo of me in the centre.

Next, I've slowly been adding tatting patterns. I wish I could be quicker at listing them but I get stressed whilst doing them (which is something I need to work on for future patterns). This means I need to pace myself but I am happy once I've completed them. So here are my latest bookmark patterns (click on the photos to go to each listing):

Not only have I been working on my Etsy shop, I'm also adding to my website here. (I have a One of A Kind and Limited Edition Collection in the works that will be added to my website soon and I'll share the link here when it's ready.)

In other news, I've created a Ko-fi page where you can find behind the scenes stuff, a poll and a shop. If you'd like to support my business but can't afford any items right now, you can buy me a digital coffee. This is totally voluntary and all money will go back into my business to buy materials and tools. Thank you 😘.

That's it for today.
Have a lovely Monday,
Heather x

Listening to: The Longest Johns.
Reading: The Marlowe Papers by Ros Barber.
Watching: 1899 on Netflix.

Tuesday 22 February 2022

Lacy Bookmarks

 Good afternoon all.

First off, I have some exciting news to share. I've just reached 1000 followers over on my Instagram page! 😃 I'm so grateful for all the support I've received so far and look forward to sharing more of my creations in the future. Follow me there for something special this week. 😉 

I've been adding some more tatting to my Etsy shop.

The first one is my 'Janessa' bookmark design in white cotton thread:

Tatted lace bookmark in white thread.

This would make a lovely wedding favour. Bulk discounts and other colours are available. Feel free to contact me with your ideas. You can find it here.

I've also relisted my summer garden bookmark:

A multicoloured, summer inspired tatted lace bookmark.

This would make a lovely gift for the bookworm in your life or why not treat yourself. Find it here.

More to come soon.

Stay safe,
Heather x

Friday 18 February 2022

New Yarn!

Good afternoon. I hope you're all well.

 I have some new Etsy listings to share with you.

First up is 'Fuchsias' - a hand painted 4 ply / fingering weight cotton yarn in magenta and violet. Find it here.

I've also listed two skeins of 'Candy Floss and Clouds' - a super chunky / super bulky merino wool yarn in pink, purple, blue and white. This yarn is so soft and squishy! 😍 They are available here.

I'm currently photographing more squishy goodness and will have these available soon. Keep an eye on here, twitter, Facebook or Instagram for updates.

Stay safe,
Heather x

Sunday 30 January 2022

Tuesday 15 September 2020

New Tatting Pattern

Afternoon everyone. I hope you are well. I have a new original tatting pattern to share with you all.

'Annabelle' Snowflake Decoration

This intermediate pattern features diagrams for both left and right-handers, along with written instructions in English. Find it in my Etsy shop.

In other news, I'm working on my next textile Collection. This one will be sea themed and include tatted bookmarks, hand spun yarn and potentially lace jewellery (if I have enough materials). Here's part of it.

Follow me on Instagram for more sneak peeks. I'm not sure when it will all be ready but, in the meantime, I'm going to be doing a mini Shop Update this Friday.

Stay safe,

Heather xx 

Monday 8 June 2020

Shop Update Information

Afternoon. How is everyone doing in these strange times? I'm not too bad. As you probably noticed, I decided to scale back my Etsy shop in March to just my tatting patterns. What with the UK lockdown in progress, I was becoming too anxious to work on physical orders. For the past few months I've been trying to relax with other crafts, writing, reading and baking. I've also been working out a plan to get back into the swing of things. So, in this blog post, I intend to explain the changes for my shop.

The first major change, at least for the next few months, is that I will only be selling within the UK. This is due to a delay in shipments to other countries. Really sorry about that. Any items I list can be repeated, so don't worry, you won't be missing out on any One Of A Kind pieces.

The second change is in how I list creations. I normally add them as Made to Order but currently, I cannot guarantee that my suppliers haven't been impacted so instead, I will be tatting the items first and then listing them in batches. The first of these will be tomorrow at 5pm UK time in my Etsy shop.

The pieces will be a mixture of old favourites and new colourways and I will make sure they are all letterbox friendly.

Stay safe,
Heather xxx

Listening to: Folkesange by Myrkur.
Reading: 'The Falcon of Sparta' by Conn Iggulden.

Monday 3 February 2020

Spinning in Progress

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

I have decided to spend this week focusing on work in progress pieces. I have three loom knitting, many tatting and one spinning project to finish. Why do I always end up with several creations on the go at once lol. 

So here's my latest spindle spinning.

It's my first time spinning Blue Faced Leicester roving and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I've just finished chain plying it and it's ready for a bath.

When we have better weather, I will be photographing my newly hand spun yarn and adding it to my website 

In other news I've relisted a pair of gothic lace dangle earrings in my Etsy shop here.

Have a nice Monday,
Heather x 

Friday 31 January 2020

Day 5

One Of A Kind and Limited Edition Week
Day 5

It's the final day of my One of a Kind and Limited Edition Week.

The last piece is this rose bookmark featuring my own hand dyed orange and golden yellow cotton thread and leaf green cotton thread. Find it on Etsy here.

You can find the rest of the week's listings here.

Heather x

Thursday 30 January 2020

Day 4

One Of A Kind and Limited Edition Week
Day 4

I have another new item to share with you all.

This doily / mat is the prototype for my 'Janessa' design. I have since it changed it slightly so I'm selling this as a One of a Kind creation. 

It was carefully shuttle tatted in high quality 100% cotton thread. Find it on Etsy here.

See other ‘New for January’ listings here.

I will list the final item tomorrow (Friday) at 8pm GMT / 3pm EST.

Heather x

Wednesday 29 January 2020

Day 3

One Of A Kind and Limited Edition Week
Day 3

My newest piece is this Victorian gothic ‘Lexia’ bookmark.

This Limited Edition creation features high quality black and pale silver / grey cotton thread and a silver tassel. Find it in my Etsy shop here. See other ‘New for January’ listings here.

I will list the next item tomorrow (Thursday) at 5:15pm GMT / 12:15pm EST.

Heather x

Tuesday 28 January 2020

Day 2

One Of A Kind and Limited Edition Week
Day 2

My next piece is this shuttle tatted One of a Kind ‘Janessa’ bookmark.

It features my own hand dyed variegated pink cotton thread paired with light leaf green cotton thread. Find it in my Etsy shop here. See other ‘New for January’ listings here.

I will list the next item tomorrow (Wednesday) at 1:30pm GMT / 8:30am EST.

Heather x