Monday, 25 November 2013

Handmade Monday is here

Happy Handmade Monday!

This is the first annual Handmade Monday. Similar to Black Friday / Cyber Monday, you'll be able to find lots of handmade sellers with sales on. 

So what am I doing?


Well first of all I'm running a 20% OFF store wide SALE in my Zibbet shop. Prices have already been marked down.

You can also get 20% OFF in my Etsy shop. Use code TRHANDMADE20 in the coupon box during checkout.

Both are valid today only up to 11am EST / 4pm GMT

Find more sale announcements today on twitter.


I will also be running one or more competitions and specials throughout the day.

Keep watching my twitter page and my facebook fan page for details of these. I will be doing some on each so if you're only on one of these two sites, you'll still have the opportunity to enter.

The 1st competition will be at 10:45am GMT / 5:45am EST on twitter.

Find more specials from other sellers here.

Have fun today!

Heather x

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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

I'm In A Magazine!

I'm in a magazine!

A few weeks ago I received a message asking for some Christmas decorations for a GoodHomes magazine photo shoot (UK publication). Exciting! So I made them up, sent them off and here is the result.

My small white and silver beaded tatted lace snowflake is on the bottom left of p96 in the GoodHomes magazine Dec / Jan 2014 issue, along with some other Etsy sellers.

I was literally dancing round the room when I found it in there.

This issue has just come out so it will be in shops for a while.

On a completely unrelated note: As we're getting closer to Christmas, I've added some new collections to my Folksy shop. There's now a section for £5 items and Under, then I have Under £10, Under £20 and Under £50.

Have a great day,

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Friday, 25 October 2013

Giveaway Winners

~Anniversary Giveaway - The Winners~

Thank you very much to everyone who entered. We didn't quite reach the last prize but I do have two winners to announce.

~Prize 1~


the winner of this pendant is:


~Prize 2~

The winner of the set of three snowflakes is:

Melissa Hamilton

Congratulations to the winners.

If you didn't win, don't worry as you can still take advantage of my Anniversary Sale in my Esty shop. Offer ends Sunday.

Thanks again for all your support.

Heather x

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Updates and Zibbet

~Update on Anniversary Giveaway~

Thank you so much to those of you who have entered my Giveaway. I can now tell you that we are 3 entries away from unlocking the set of three large beaded snowflakes :)

Don't forget to tell your friends. The more entries we get, the more chance there is of unlocking the last prize.


As well as being on Etsy, you can now also find my handmade creations on Zibbet. I will be adding more listings there in the coming days.

To celebrate my new shop, my first 5 buyers will each receive a free gift with their order. 

~New listings~

Here are some of my latest creations:

Top row: 'Mina' ivory and silver bridal bracelet, 'Celenia' variegated blue snowflake
Middle row: 'Celyna' pink and silver snowflake, Red rose applique
Bottom row: 'Celyna' One Of A Kind hot pink decoration

Have a great Thursday and don't forget to enter my giveaway.

Heather x

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Sunday, 13 October 2013

4th Anniversary Extravaganza

~Anniversary Extravaganza~


It's my 4th Etsy / tatting business Anniversary! I'd like to take this opportunity to say thank you so much for all your support as I've grown and continue to grow my business. It means a great deal to me. To celebrate I'm running a giveaway right here on my blog along with a massive sale.

***There are 10 ways to enter my giveaway. You can do 1, 10 or anywhere in between. Anyone can enter, even if you're already following my blog, twitter etc. (the full rules are towards the end of this post).***

Now for the prizes:


The starting prize is this:

One green and gold 'Aster' pendant, worth $13

Once I get 25 entries I shall unlock another prize:

A Set of three large silver beaded 'Celyna' Christmas decorations, worth $17

If I receive 50 entries, I'll unlock this:

-A Set of four customizable large 'Rosetta' coasters, worth $37! You choose the colour. Find more images of this design here.
-The winner of this prize will also receive a 20% OFF coupon code for use in my Etsy shop until the end of December this year.

That's potentially THREE prize winners!


How to enter:
There are 10 ways to enter. You can do 1 of these, or all 10 or anywhere in between. 

A. Follow this blog

B. Write about this Anniversary Extravaganza on your own blog with a link back to this post.

C. Heart my shop on Etsy

D. Look through my Etsy shop, come back here and in your comment below this post tell me which is your favourite item and why.

E. Follow me on twitter

F. Tweet about this Anniversary Extravaganza with a link back to this post

G. Follow me on tumblr

H. 'Like' my Facebook fan page

I. Follow me on Pinterest

J. Buy an item or items from my Etsy shop

Each of these counts as ONE entry and each person can have a MAXIMUM of 10 entries. Once you have done any of these, comment underneath this blog post saying which entries you've completed and a way I can contact you (eg. your twitter username, blog address or Etsy username).

This giveaway is now closed.

The winner(s) will be announced Friday 25th October. I will use to pick the winners.

**This giveaway is open to everyone even if you haven't got a blog or a blogger / google account and if you had done A, C, E, G, H or I before I started this competition, you can still enter.**

To unlock the four large coasters, make sure you complete as many of these ways of entering as possible. I will update you throughout the week with how it's going.

Good luck and have fun!


I am also running a massive sale in my Etsy shop. 

Spend up to $20 for 15% OFF - use code ANNI15 during checkout
Spend $20 or more for 20% OFF - use code ANNI20 during checkout
Spend $45 or more for 30% OFF - use code ANNI30 during checkout

This offer is valid on all items in my Etsy shop until Sunday 27th October 7pm GMT / 3pm EST  The discounts are only valid when the relevant codes are used.

Thank you very much for all your support.

Heather x

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Bookmarks and An Invitation

Good afternoon everyone. Hope you're having a good week. It's lovely and sunny here although to tell you the truth I actually prefer it a little cooler than this. We have all the windows open yet it's still too hot. I'm just about to go and have a cool drink but before that it's time for a blog post.

So what have I been up to? Well as usual I have several projects on the go. I'm working on two fairly large orders. I've also be making some more bookmark. Here are some sneak peeks:

I'm loving tatting this one up. It uses my 'Janessa' butterfly pattern. I think it looks great in the multicoloured thread although it does mean I've nearly run out of this colourway. I'll have to order some more from the US before I can list more than one bookmark.

This was one of those ideas that looked great in my head but I wasn't sure if it would work in practice. It uses my 'Rosa' design. I decided to use three colours for the rose in the centre and I'm so glad I went with it. A watercolour painting springs to mind. For the sides I'm using cream and olive green thread. 

I'll have these two finished and listed by the weekend.

Speaking of Rosa bookmarks, I've listed a white version on Etsy.

This would make a great wedding favour or perhaps a gift for Valentine's Day next year. You can also customize this design here.

One last thing I'd like to talk about today.

Are you thinking about opening up your very own Etsy shop? If yes then I have an invitation for you. 

If you click here and then create and open your shop, your first 40 listings will be free! Cool eh :)

Time to get back to the work.

Have a nice Thursday,
Heather x

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Saturday, 13 July 2013

Sale and New Creations


I am participating in the Christmas In July Sale on Etsy:

You can also use Christmasinjuly and CIJ as search terms on Etsy to find more wonderful sale items from other designers.

~New items~

As promised, here are my new 'Mina' creations:

This pair of earrings was tatted in white cotton thread and feature tiny transparent seed beads and Swarovski Crystal drop beads.

This necklace was also tatted in white cotton thread with beads. I've attached a length of white ribbon to each side and it closes round the back with a bolt ring and an extension chain.

You can also purchase these creations as a set here.

These are perfect for Medieval, Renaissance, fantasy and Victorian themed weddings and can be created in other colours. Please contact me either through Etsy or my email with your ideas.

More new creations to come soon,
Heather x

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Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Busy, Busy

Hi all. Wow the time has simply flown by. I've been so busy with my online tatting shops that I haven't been able to do a blog post in ages. So this is going to be a big update.

~New creations on Etsy~

~Back in stock~

~New tatting patterns~

~Applique supplies~

Bottom: White flowers

~Current projects~

As usual I have several projects on the go. Below is something I'm working on that's a little bit different. I suspect tatters out there will spot it from the picture. I think I have another 2 rows to go. I can't wait to show you the finished piece!

The other day I had a great idea for a new style of tatted beaded necklace. The prototype was successful so once I've finished my latest Etsy order, I'll get back to that.

I'm also working on some more 'Mina' jewellery which will be in my Etsy shop very soon. 

Have a great day,
Heather x

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Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Doilies and Coasters

Hi all. Hope you had a nice Easter weekend. I spent most of my time getting ready for a craft fair (that was on Monday)...and eating chocolate of course!

I've also been hard at work on tatting some variations of my 'Cathy' design. Ta da!

This patterns looks great in so many colour combinations. After taking several photos, I've started listing them on Etsy.

Here's the black doily:

You can purchase it here. I'm thinking about doing a wedding white version soon.

This doily was tatted in dark purple, foxglove purple and pale lilac. Find it here.

This is the coaster size in red and pink cotton thread. On Etsy here.

I'll be listing more today, along with some customizable pieces. 

~Tatting patterns~

I'm working on my next tatting pattern. In the mean time, I'm running a mini sale on my original pdf tatting patterns here. Offer ends Thursday 7pm BST / 2PM EDT.

Have a nice Wednesday,
Heather x

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Friday, 22 March 2013

Latest creations and Craftsy

~Latest creations~

 These are available on Etsy.

'Celia' Tudor inspired pendant in ecru cotton thread with pale gold seed beads and gold pearlised beads. 

I'm thinking about making some earrings to match this, perhaps with a teardrop bead at the base.

'Eva' bookmark in multicoloured turquoise, blue and purple cotton thread. I'm currently working on a red and cream version in this design. It's looking good so far.


As I've begun to sell patterns I thought I'd better set up a store on Craftsy. You can find me here. The great thing about this site is that when you purchase a pattern, it will be instantly available to download as a pdf. I will be adding the 'Lillian' bracelet on there soon as well as a bookmark pattern I'm working on at the moment.

Have a lovely weekend,
Heather x

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Thursday, 7 March 2013


~New bookmarks~

Here is my new 'Lexia' bookmark design. What do you think? I had the idea for this last week. Below is the prototype in black and red, listed in my Etsy shop as a One Of A Kind. It features a handmade black and red cotton tassel, complete with tatted loop.

Next is a Limited Edition version in black, blue and turquoise with a hint of purple. This one is attached to a shiny black tassel. Find it on Etsy here.

This third one was tatted in salmon pink and ivory cotton thread and features a handmade pink and ivory cotton tassel. On Etsy here

I will be creating more of these very soon.

Heather xx

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Friday, 1 March 2013

Latest Listings and Sales

~Latest Tatania Rosa listings~

New pdf original tatting pattern:

'Lillian' bracelet pattern on Etsy. This is a fun pattern to make with or without the beads. The pdf includes both the beaded version and non beaded version (see pic below).

I've also listed some new rose coasters:

'Rosa' coasters in variegated beige.


In other news I've reached 1,800 likes on my Facebook fan page! Thanks so much for the support. I'm currently running a Thank You Sale over there until Monday. 

Not only that but I'm also offering FREE UK shipping on all orders in my Etsy shop throughout March! Use code FREEMARCH13 during checkout.

You can also find more UK shops offering free UK shipping here.

Happy shopping,
Heather xxx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

New Tatted Lace

~New tatted lace~

These are all available to buy in my Etsy shop:

'Rosa' bookmark in white and leaf green cotton thread. You can also customize the colours here.

'Cathy' spiral doily in variegated beige and variegated green cotton thread.

'Ciara' geometric bookmark in lilac and pastel blue cotton thread. You can customize the colours here.

More new creations (and pdf tatting patterns) coming soon.

Have a great weekend,
Heather x

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Friday, 15 February 2013

Lace and More Lace

~Lace and more lace~

Check out my latest creations:

Top row: Limited Edition 'Aster' white earrings with light blue beads, 'Christina' white bracelet
Bottom row: 'Marie' napkin rings in yellow, green and orange, 'Aster' green pendant with pale gold beads

These are all available in my Etsy shop. Hope you like them.

In other news: I'm 2 away from 250 sales on Etsy! To celebrate I will include a free gift with the 250th. Who is going to help me get there?

More new creations coming soon.

Heather x

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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Tatting Pattern

~New tatting pattern~

'Christina' bracelet - this is a beginners pdf shuttle tatting pattern.
Now available in both left and right handed versions in my Etsy shop.

Heather x

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Saturday, 9 February 2013


Good morning one and all. I have a few things to talk about today.

Firstly here is the third and final beaded silver 'Rosetta' pendant, newly listed in my online Etsy shop.

Once it's gone, it's gone so be quick!

Next: what have I been up to? Well yesterday I started tatting some bright multicoloured napkin rings - it's a new version of a design I sold last year. I will continue with them today and they may be listed by the end of the weekend. Keep your eyes peeled.

I'm also creating my next pdf tatting pattern. This one will be a bracelet. I've written down the directions and created the diagram, just need to test it now. I will try to have it listed by the end of today, if not then tomorrow. I hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed designing it.

What else? As usual I'm constantly thinking up new ideas and colour schemes and I now have some things to try out. One being a pair of white and blue beaded earrings. There's also a large variegated brown mat in the pipeline.

There are other things I'm working on too but that's for another time.

Follow me on facebook and twitter for sneak peeks and perhaps even a sale (if you're quick enough ;) ).

Have a great weekend,
Heather x

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Thursday, 7 February 2013

New Lace Bracelet

~New lace bracelet~

'Marie' bracelet, hand tatted in high quality beige and bronze cotton threads. Available to buy on Etsy here.

It closes in a gold plated toggle clasp and is the perfect addition to Steampunk and classic lolita outfits. I can made this in many other colours, please contact me through my email or on Etsy with your ideas.

More coming tomorrow,

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Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Latest Tatting Creations

~Latest tatting creations~

These are all available to buy on Etsy

'Aster' woodland earrings in green thread with pale gold beads and flower charms

'Chiara' geometric lace bookmark in variegated lilac and grape cotton thread

'Ellen' One of A Kind small doily in purples and blues

'Rosetta' size 2 coasters in foxglove purple thread

'Rosa' gothic rose coasters in dark purple thread

'Rosetta' doily in red and green thread

'Cathy' small spiral doily in bright red thread

More to come soon.
Heather x

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