Saturday, 18 April 2015

New Listings, Tatting Patterns and Destash Supplies

Hello everyone. Firstly I'd like to apologies for not keeping up my blogging. There's always so much to do and so little time to do it in. Today I'd like to talk a bit about my latest creations and well as ideas for the future.

~Wine glass charms~

I've been working on wine glass charms. These were created from my original design and feature metallic tatting with sparkly beads around the sides and in the center. The set below is great for birthday, Christmas and New Years Eve parties. Available on Etsy here.

I've also started creating wedding wine glass charms (also in tatting with beads). Currently I have Bride and Groom charm beads but I can get hold of others, such as Bridesmaid, Mother of the Bride, Best Man, Usher and more. If you'd like these with different charms, please contact me through my Etsy shop. The listing is here.

I have two more sets in the pipeline that I shall photograph and list soon.


I love creating bookmarks and managed to make quite a few for my latest craft fair.

Here's a pale blue 'Emily' bookmark listed on Etsy.

There are a further four to photograph and another that I've just started tatting.


A few weeks ago I decided to start creating mini earrings, so I purchased some lever back components and here's the first pair.

This is based on the larger earrings. Find it on Etsy here.

This leads nicely to my next point.

~Tatting pattern~

I've written up both the small and mini versions of this earring design in one PDF tatting pattern.

It contains both diagrams and written instructions in English and is available here.

You can also buy this in a 4 pattern bundle here.

~Destash Supplies~

I've been sorting though my craft supply boxes and have discovered some items I won't be using so I've decided to sell them as destash. Here are the first few.

I have a whole bag of destash so I'll be listing more over the coming days.

~Current projects~

I have a custom order idea on the go at the moment and I'm also working on a new choker design (pics to come soon). As of this afternoon I've reached part 5 of 7 so I'm nearly there but I'm not sure if it will work yet. I think I might have to alter part of it. 

There are also some tatted greeting cards in the pipeline. 

Well that's it for today. 

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Thank you for your continuing support.

Heather x

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