Monday, 3 February 2020

Spinning in Progress

Good afternoon everyone. I hope you had a lovely weekend. 

I have decided to spend this week focusing on work in progress pieces. I have three loom knitting, many tatting and one spinning project to finish. Why do I always end up with several creations on the go at once lol. 

So here's my latest spindle spinning.

It's my first time spinning Blue Faced Leicester roving and I've thoroughly enjoyed it! I've just finished chain plying it and it's ready for a bath.

When we have better weather, I will be photographing my newly hand spun yarn and adding it to my website 

In other news I've relisted a pair of gothic lace dangle earrings in my Etsy shop here.

Have a nice Monday,
Heather x 

1 comment:

God's Kid said...

Beautiful earrings!! :)