Thursday, 25 November 2010

Time for Christmas decorations!

Brrr it's getting colder out there. Well I've done my second Christmas Craft Fair this year. It wasn't too bad but the previous week's was better, mostly because we had more people come through the doors! My next fair is on the 5th December in Canterbury. Come along if you are in the area. The details are on the right.

I've been creating loads of new pieces for these fairs and I've just started listing them on Etsy. The first of which is a gothic necklace. The motif is from my Rosetta coaster. I used a thinner thread and many tiny deep red seed beads to create a dramatic effect. I love this design as it feels very Tudor to me. Find it here.   

I've also been listing my new range of tatted Christmas tree decorations. It's a simple design but it works well as a snowflake. Here you can see a white with gold seed beads, white and variegated blue. I've used a metallic thread for the loop at the top. They are quite small but will look look wonderful on any tree and the ones with seed beads sparkle in the light. They are proving quite popular as I sold quite a few at the last fair and am presently working on three separate orders, all for these snowflakes. I have many more colours combinations that I shall have listed by next Wednesday including some alternative ones. Most will be individually listed but if you would like more feel free to contact me and I can create a custom listing for you. These that I've shown can be purchased here.                                       


Christmas orders

I've set the deadline for posting orders to the UK as the 20th December and to everywhere else (including the US) as the 10th. This is to make sure your order gets to you by Christmas. Please bare this in mind when ordering.

Black Friday

Keep an eye on my shop tomorrow as I shall be doing something special for Black Friday / Cyber Monday. 

That's all from me for the moment.

Keep warm,
Heather x


'RainbowRose' Connie Faulconer said...

Oh how PRETTY!!!! And Happy Thanksgiving!

Agnieszka Winnicka said...

Oh, I love this design, and with the beads it looks so rich!! It must have take you forever to tat this one. Gorgeous job!!

Createology said...

Your tatting is exquisite. Love the black and red gothic necklace. Happy selling...

God's Kid said...

Those all look so awesome! :) said...

Black is my favourite! It´s so beautiful <3 <3

TataniaRosa said...

Thanks :)

To Agasunset - yeah it took a while but it was fun to make.