Milestones and choker sneak peek

First of all I'd like to say that I've reached two milestones. Over the weekend I reached 80 followers on here and 500 fans on my Facebook fan page. Thank you very much. It's lovely to know people are interested in my work.

Next I'd like to give you a sneak peek of my choker. This picture shows where I am at the moment. I've attached the tatting to a ribbon which gives it a nice smooth back. What do you think? This is far from done but I love how it looks so far.

I'm also currently working on a lilac bracelet with silver seed beads. Hopefully I shall have some photos to show you soon.

Heather x


Megan said…
Really beautiful! Nice work <3
purplecat said…
thanks for following my blog :0
Love your stuff, so original, I am following you too :0
KSK said…
Your work is gorgeous! Saw you on Etsy & hearted you right away. :)
Congratulations on those terrific milestones! Your work is quite lovely, and this latest choker is just divine.
I am relatively new to your blog, so I don't know if you've ever discussed what tatting is and how it's done. Forgive me if you already have, but I am quite curious about it. It's so delicate and detailed!!!
Congrats, again! Very well-deserved!!! Theresa
TataniaRosa said…
Thank you for your comments :)

Tatting is a form of lace made with a hand held shuttle. You tat a series of knots to create rings and chains. It does take a long time but it's very rewarding.