Darren Hayes' NYE show and a new treasury

Evening all. How was everyone's New Year's Eve/Day? I had a great time. My mum and I went up to London for a NYE show by my favourite singer-songwriter Darren Hayes. You may recognise the name: he was the voice of Savage Garden. We've followed his music for 12 years and have now seen him live 7 times!

The evening was fantastic. He had two support acts. The first was the burlesque dancer/singer Miss Polly Rae and the second was a comedienne. At 10 pm Darren entered in a very sparkly jacket and started his 1 hour and 40 minutes set off. We had a few Savage Garden songs, such as I Knew I Loved You/Truly Madly Deeply, Crash And Burn, I Want You and my personal favourite Break Me Shake Me. Some of these were mashed up with other tracks such as Billie Jean etc. He sang a couple from his newest album This Delicate Thing We've Made and, of course, Insatiable. His voice just keeps getting better every time I see him live.

Just before midnight, he came back on stage and we all counted down the seconds to 2010 together. We were relatively close to the London Eye so we to witnessed the end on the firework display and then, at 12:20, it started snowing!

I will treasure that evening forever. Check him out on Myspace. He really has one of the best voices on this planet and is also a lovely guy. I'm still buzzing!

In other news, my custom fit Nimue bracelet is in a treasury all about tatting. Yay! Check it out here (ends Tuesday). Please click and enjoy!

I'll stop there for today. Stay tuned as next week I shall be unveiling new pieces in my Etsy shop. Have a lovely Saturday/ Sunday.

Heather xx


❦TattingChic said…
COngrats on your tatted item being in a tatting treasury on Etsy! That's cool that there is a tatting treasury on Etsy!
TataniaRosa said…
Thanks. It's very cool :)