Black and red

Hello. I've got a few things to talk about today. First of all, I listed another item in my Etsy shop yesterday. Similar in size to Elizabeth Royale, this one uses my Eleanor pattern. I decided to tat four together and this was the result. I've named it Eleanor Royale. What do you think? Click here for the listing.

I really love how it's turned out. It feels so Medieval. This would look great in other colours too.

I received some beads yesterday so I've been trying out some new patterns using them. One of these looked good on paper but in practice it's not working. I'll have to figure out a way round my problem.

Do you love treasuries? I certainly do. Especially when I've been included. Thank you very much to Tiffany of Room3designs for including my custom fit Elizabeth bracelet. Click here for the link to the treasury.

I shall have to finish my top films of 2009 post at some point. I had planned to do it over the weekend but other things came up. I'll blog more tomorrow.

Heather x


Sally Kerson said…
Hi Heather, I love the tatting you do in the dark colours, black and red. However, I have been looking for the findings you have on the choker, the ones that fit on the ribbons and I can't find them anywhere, where to you purchase them from?
The choker is very impressive
TataniaRosa said…
Thanks for your comments.

I use leather crimps and I get them from The Bead Shop. They are a shop based in the UK, just search on google. Are you in America? They may be called something different where you are. Hope that helps.

Sally Kerson said…
Thanks Heather, no I'm not in America, I live in England like you, near Southampton. Have searched for them everywhere, but really didn't know what they were called! All is clear now thanks so much.