Thursday, 21 January 2010

Loads of updates

Good evening. I've got lots of things to share with you.

Update to Etsy shop

I've listed a custom fit red version of my Christina Bracelet here.

I adore this red, it looks so gothic. I'm tempted to do a version with beads! Of course this can be made in different colours. At the moment I have this colour, black, claret, light blue, white, ivory and lilac. I hope to have some more colours soon.

 New treasury

I've managed to grab a treasury spot. I went for purple this time. Click here for the link. Please enjoy!


I haven't been able to get much further with my tatted choker. I need to find some piping but as yet it's been difficult to locate. I'm going out shopping soon so hopefull I will find some. I have, however, been working on my lilac bracelet. This is my thinnest bracelet I've created and I'm using more seed beads than I've ever used before. It's really sparkly. I shall list it on Etsy tomorrow and then blog about it. I've thought of an idea for matching earrings too, so when I buy an earring stand I shall photograph and list them. I can't wait to show you these pieces. I hope you love them as much as I do!

Oh and one other milestone. I've reached 1000 followers over on Twitter. Yay!

Heather x


Faerie Moon Creations said...

The bracelet is really lovely! Congrats on snagging another treasury! :) Theresa

Sandra Darling ~ Visual Art Creations said...

I can't wait to see your other creations as well!! The braclet and your treasury are both well put together!!! lovely work Heather ... as usual!

Sandra Darling xoxo

KSK said...

Gorgeous bracelet! And it would look lovely with beads too. Your work is fascinating to me - I just can't imagine creating such things! Off to look at your treasury, but from the looks of it here, it's beautiful as well!

Jess // CLineCreations said...

Such intricate work! And lovely purple treasury too!

Wychbury said...

Thanks so much for including us in your treasury Heather, it's really lovely :) Paula and Lesley .

TataniaRosa said...

Thanks for these comments :)

KSK - I've just bought some beads so you may see this version of the bracelet soon ;)