Updates to Etsy shop

Good evening. I've been working all day on my products. I finished some items this morning and then took photos this afternoon. I've decided to list two today and (hopefully) two tomorrow. The first is a unique and elegant Bridal pendant called Christina. Previously I had done the gothic version and I then thought it would be a good idea for my Crystal Wedding Collection too. I replaced the black glass teardrops with clear AB teardrops, used white cotton thread and voila! Here it is:

The second item is a new design that came to me two days ago. I was doodling and noticed that my Katherine/Katarina pattern could be adapted further. I realised it would work as a simple pendant with a flat drop bead dangling from the bottom of the motif. Again this design is very medieval. I tatted it up yesterday and worked out the price but was unable to think of a suitable name. Today my mum thought it could be called Elaine. This works really well as Elaine was King Arthur's half-sister (if you believe wiki). I don't know if this is true but it ties in with my medieval/fantasy designs, so kudos to my mum! Here it is:

I think this design would look wonderful in any colour so I might do just that. Watch this space!

I shall try to blog again tomorrow.



Jane Eborall said…
Oh, that black piece is the pattern that I used to make crosses from about forty years ago. I'm not sure where I got the pattern from!!! Thanks for the memories.
TataniaRosa said…
Yes this comes from a very old pattern but I've made it into one short line rather than a cross. I think I did this design as a cross when I was just starting tatting :)
❦TattingChic said…
Beautiful work! I've done embellishments for shirts with the same pattern you did the black piece in also!