Monday, 23 November 2009

A lovely treasury and more tatting

Good evening. First of all I'd like to say a big thank you to Sandra Darling for including me in her new treasury. It really means a lot to me. Check out her shop. She mostly does fine art and potography. I found her shop a few days ago and I love all of it. Her prints have an elegant and ethereal touch to them. My favourite has to be Sub Rosa III . It is looks so delicate and makes me think of medieval and gothic stories. They really are beautiful.

Today I've been working on my seed beads project. I've finished the motif and now need to work on the beads up the necklace. This process does take quite a long time but it is incredibly fun to do and the finished product is so elegant. I shall try to put up some sneaky peek pictures tomorrow.

I've also been tatting a prototype today for a Medieval/Renaissance-style necklace / choker. At the moment I can't decide whch period it fits into as it seems to go across several eras. This motif is quite large so it may take a white to tat up. I shall keep you updated on my progress.

That's all for today, more tomorrow.



Sandra Darling Visual Art Creations said...

you are very sweet and kind! I aslo adore your tatting! Sandra xo

TataniaRosa said...

Thanks :D