New photos and a Saturday treat.

Good evening one and all. Well today I've been doing lots of work on improving item photos in my shop. I set up my lightbox first thing this morning and was practically taking pictures for most of the day. As you can see in my shop, a few item photos have been changed. I've been experimenting with different colours for backgrounds. My light blue and white Elizabeth pendant is now on a lilac base which I think looks better than the blue base it was on before. I shall change my Eleanor pictures tomorrow.

I'm still learning on the photography side of things but I think I'm getting there.

As I said last night, I've started reading The Princess Bride. I am enjoying it immensely and I might read some more tonight.

That's it for today. I shall blog again on Monday. Oh and you might want to check out my shop tomorrow evening (Saturday 7th November). Just saying!