Riddle Me This Quest Giveaway

Welcome to Tatania Rosa's Riddle Me This Quest (May Edition)

I have quest for you. There are three riddles and the answer to each is one of my creations in my Etsy shop here. The first riddle is posted below. Once you've worked it out, go to the creation it points to for the second riddle. From there you can find the last riddle.

Once you've found all three creations, contact me through my Etsy shop and tell me the first letter of the female name of the each of the three answers. For example if the riddles pointed to Guinevere Cuff, Aster Earrings and Christina Earrings, you would give me 'G A C'.


- The 1st person to contact me on Etsy with the three correct letters will win a tatted keepsake and a 
30% OFF coupon code to spend on any item in my Etsy shop. 
       - The 2nd person will receive a 30% OFF coupon code for my Etsy shop.

       - The 3rd person and beyond will win a 25% OFF coupon code for use in my Etsy shop.
These coupon codes will be valid for one month only.

This is open to everyone, everywhere. The competition closes Monday 16th May 10pm BST

Here is the 1st riddle:

I am as light as a summer's breeze
My shape is round yet I will not fit a maiden's finger
My center shines, my outer shimmers
My colour is lilac though at times I am purple
What am I?                                 

Have fun and good luck