Looney about looms

I'd like to talk about looms.

Last year I saw a programme entitled Mastercrafts. It was presented by Monty Don and each week a few people learnt a different skill. One episode focused on weaving. I really enjoyed it and wanted to try it out so I bought a beginners weaving loom. I haven't done much on it recently but it is a very enjoyable craft.

So last week I discovered knitting looms while I was looking at online craft shops. I started to knit with needles recently but I'm still learning. My mum is helping but she's right handed so we have to sit opposite each other. I think I'm getting the hang of it but my stitches are quite tight. I think it's all that tatting I've been doing! So anyway I decided to purchase a knitting loom and it came yesterday.

I immediately tried it out. Below is my first go:

This was using two threads. I went slightly wrong with the stitches so I tried again but this time I used three threads together. This is was I made:

I'm so happy with the result. I used the twisted knit stitch and the honeycomb stitch in this one. I've now run out of one of the balls so I'll probably cast off the piece. Next I'm going to try it with a chunky yarn. I'll update you soon with the results.

Heather x


Talia said…
Loom knitting is the only way I can knit. You can even make socks if you get a round loom!

Chunky yarn is definitely the way forward though!
TataniaRosa said…
Yeah I may get a round loom at some point.

Chunky yarn is indeed the way forward. I'm going to raid my local wool shop this week :-)
yarnplayer said…
Oh, this tool reminds me of the knitting spool that I had as a child! I loved trying out different yarns and colors with it. Your knitting loom looks like it works the same way, making a larger piece.
Hope you have lots of fun with your new "toy" :)
Your first atempt looks great and I am sure you will get the hang of knitting, I think chunky wool will be best for hand knitting and the loom, and then work downsize to the thinner threads.
Eileen said…
I like the look. Can't wait to see what else you create with your loom.