Riddle Me This Part 2

Good afternoon. I hope everyone is having a nice Sunday. I've decided to do a blog post about the answers to my Riddle Me This Quest (May Edition). I received lots of lovely comments about this so I may do another one later on in the year. Here are the riddles and answers:

Riddle 1:

I am as light as a summer's breeze
My shape is round yet I will not fit a maiden's finger
My center shines, my outer shimmers
My colour is lilac though at times I am purple
What am I?

Answer: Alys pendant in variegated lilac

Riddle 2:

I am as dark as a moonless night
Goblets full of wine rest themselves on me four
I shall remain still as the calmest water
I will lie on wood or stone but never on skin
What am I?

Answer: Rosetta gothic coasters (set of four)

Riddle 3:

I am full of beads, round and shining
My hue is the colour of the sweetest vampire kiss
I lie on a bed of sumptuous satin
You can find me nestled in a maiden's hair
What am I?

Answer: Rosetta flower hair clip in variegated red

The three letter code using the first letter of the female name of each items was: 


Congratulations to Ilse of August Studios who won first prize. Your tatted keepsake is on its way to you. Well done also to all the other winners of the coupon codes.