Treasury, twitter and geekery

Hello. I didn't get round to blogging yesterday. I had intended to do it in the evening but I ended up in the Etsy UK chat room instead. It was great fun and I think I was in there for about two hours. Speaking of UKers, I got a treasury. It features great UK artisans so check it out. It's there until Monday.

A wonderful thing happened on Twitter yesterday. I started following Yours Truli, the creator of vintage style jewellery, who then gave me a #FollowFriday link. It was a nice surprise and I thank you for it. I've put her blog on the left and her main website on the right. Check her out, her creations are beautiful.

Today saw the start of filming for the pilot of HBO's Game Of Thrones. Being completely obsessed with these books I immediately went on twitter as soon as I got up this morning. I soon found fan pictures of the crew setting up. It's wonderful that it has finally started. If you like your medieval fantasy books, I'd strongly reccommend you look at Winter Is Coming (this blog is on the left). All the fan info has been pulled together and hopefully we will get some more updates soon. I cannot tell you how exciting this is! Anyway before I start going on about this too much, I will leave it there and blog on Monday.