Jewellery stands and other bits and bobs

I'm sitting here in my dad's office watching the rain outside. All my tatting equipment is at home so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to do my blog for today.

Yesterday I spoke of the jewellery stand I was eyeing, well today I went to purchace it and suddenly realised that the minimum order was far too expensive, as was the postage. Like that's going to happen! I decided to look elsewhere and found another seller very quickly. Strange isn't it. You search for ages for something then two come along at once. I have now bought the item and hope to receive it soon. It will be very useful for my shop.

I'm hoping that some silver chains I have ordered will also come soon as I will then be able to finish some pieces off. This evening I shall buy some more jewellery boxes and then I shall be nearly there in terms of set-up for my shop. Phew. I think I need to stop buying things!