Tomorrow is the day

Hello. After months of preparation I shall finally be ready to open my online shop tomorrow afternoon (UK time). I will start adding items on Etsy around 2pm and then set up a Facebook fan page and Twitter. I love social networking sites as it's a great way to get to know people. The links will be added here soon after they go live. More items will follow in my shop in the coming days. Gosh this is exciting!

Today my mum and I went to see Surrogates at the cinema. It's actually quite good. It seems to be a cross between I Robot, Minority Report and Ghost In The Shell, which is no bad thing. The part I found the most weird was the fact that Bruce Willis had blonde hair! Crazy stuff! It's an interesting and scary idea for the future of the human race, so if you like your futuristic movies, I would recommend it. I think the next film on my list to see is Up. That dog looks adorable from the trailers.

Talk to you tomorrow.