Within Temptation and Elane

I've had an interesting day today. I woke up this morning and remembered we were due to have something new from the band Within Temptation. I found it later in the day. It was a trailer for their new CD 'An Acoustic Night At The Theatre' due out in October. Along with clips of some of their songs, it also includes a snippet of their new single 'Utopia'. Here is the trailer.

I cannot wait to hear this song in full. They seem to have filmed this gig so maybe one day we will have a DVD to accompany the CD. This is one of the reasons why I love them so much: they are prolific. It's great to have a band who release albums and then spoil us rotten with hours and hours of DVD footage.

That was the first bit of news to happen today. The next came completely out of the blue. I was on last.fm looking through their collection on Mediaeval Baebes songs and I decided to listen to the Baebes radio. After a few tracks of similar artists, I heard something that was absolutely beautiful. It was Nebeltanz from the gothic/dark folk band Elane. I had heard of them before but had never got round to listening to their songs. It is so atmospheric and emotional (especially with the violin). You could write a gothic story just based on this tune. I'm so glad I found that track today. I immediately went to buy it on iTunes and have listened to it several times since. Tomorrow I think I will check out more of their output.

I usually dig to find my kind of music but today came with was one of those amazing finds that I was not even looking for.

Heather x