Hello all

I've finally taken the plunge into the big, wide world of blogging. I've recently done two on my Myspace page but i've never had a site just for blogs. Wish me luck. I was thinking about starting one of these a few months ago but I decided to finish my degree at University before I got stuck into it. I suppose I should say a bit about myself.

I'm Heather. I've just finished studying Ancient History at Uni in Wales. My three years there were fantastic: made loads of great friends and was woken up at all hours by the sheep just outside our windows. Well maybe that last part was only slightly true, they were a bit farther away but they were still noisy.

I adore all things gothic, especially the art and music side of it. I love Within Temptation and have been a fan since Mother Earth first came out. Another band I follow is Mediaeval Baebes. They are both as good as each other for different reasons. My music tastes are quite eclectic. Apart from gothic, I love folk, acoustic, rock, alternative, some metal, celtic and classical (mostly living composers like Ludovico Einaudi). My favourite singer-songwriter is Darren Hayes who i've been following (no not in a stalker way teehee) for 12 years since the days of Savage Garden.

I can be quite geeky when it comes to films, Tomb Raider, A Song Of Ice And Fire, Farscape, anime and manga (especially Godchild). I like to do shuttle tatting and have decided to turn this into a job (this is what I wrote about on my Myspace page). It's still in the stages of being set up but I'm getting there.

There you go. I hope I haven't dragged on too much. I look forward to meeting new people on here.

Heather x