Etsy and tatting

Today I'd like to show my appreciation for the wonderful world of Etsy is the place to buy and sell all things handmade. It contains thousands of shops of people from all over the world selling anything from jewellery and clothes to cosmetics and accessories, all handmade by themselves. I've found a lot of good products on there covering all price ranges. These people put a lot of love and attention into their products and this shows. I have to resist the urge to keep buying things.

I've placed the Etsy mini on the right of this page. Mine seems to be mostly corsets and medieval dresses at the moment. I suppose it fits with who I am. Most of the blogs on the left are of Etsians, check them out.

This brings me nicely to my next point. For the last year or so I've been tatting. This is a form of lace made by a series of knots. It is very durable and also elegant. Last December I discovered Etsy by accident through a Google search. I immediately realised that I could turn my hobby into a job. I would never have dreamed that this was possible but Etsy opened my eyes to a handmade world.

The pictures below show one of my own designs 'Elizabeth'. The first one is the black and red bracelet and the second one the red and cream necklace. I've also done these in other colours. I'd love to know what people think. I'm nearly set up and ready to go and I hope to become a seller very soon.