Sunday, 22 January 2012

Unveiling of new range of housewares

I've been working on this project for a while now and I have finally got to a point where I can start listing them.

I started off with my 'Valencia' heart design but instead of tatting a loop at the bottom, I created another heart as if looking through a mirror. The next step was to join this to another double heart, as shown below.

I then tatted a third motif to this and connected it all up.

This was my prototype design. It is exactly how I pictured it in my head but it was too big! I then tried it again with less double stitches in the middle of each motif but alas, still too big!

So, third time lucky, I decreased the size of each motif.

Ta da!

It's now the perfect size for.....

drum roll....

Napkin rings!

Click here for the Etsy listing.

What do you think? I'm really pleased with how they've turned out.

The napkin rings above were created in my 'Eva' pattern using the same red cotton thread and can be purchased here.

I've also listed some customizable napkin rings: you choose the colour.

I'm currently working on more housewares so keep your eyes peeled.

Heather x


God's Kid said...

Those napkin rings are very beautiful and enchanting!! :)

Margarets designer cards said...

They are gorgeous, and the colour is perfect.