Tatania Rosa News

Hello everyone. Hope you all had a nice Christmas. Mine was fun as my sister came home for two weeks and in that time we saw lots of films and consumed chocolate. Yum!

I have some news to share with you all.

First off I've joined a new UK selling site called StoreBeez. Click here to visit my shop. I will be adding loads of creations over the coming weeks.

Next I've decided to close up my Artfire shop as I wish to concentrate on my other online shops. I'm sorry if this causes any inconvenience. The shop will close this Friday. The limited editions, one of a kinds and other creations will be moved to my Etsy shop. I've already started this process. All bookmarks can now be found here.

I've listed my first new creation for 2012 (click the picture for more details)

This tatted silver / grey pendant features tiny silver seed beads and a gorgeous heart drop bead at the base. I only have a few of these heart beads so this is a limited edition creation! I hope you like it.

I have lots of creations all ready to be photographed and listed so check back here soon.

Heather x