New flower design

Good afternoon.

First of all: After 7 years of loving the book series, the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones will finally premiere on Sky Atlantic in 6 hours time (9pm). I'm ridiculously excited and feel like Christmas has come early so I may be on cloud 9 tomorrow morning on twitter. Just an advance warning.

Now on to the main point of this post. For the last week I've been working hard on a new hair flower design. This idea came pretty much fully formed which is always nice. Sometimes I have to make a few prototypes to get it how I want it but not with this. It's a bit more open that my 'Rosetta' piece. I've decided to combine tatting, organza fabric and felt to create different layers. Here is a sneak peek of the lilac flower:

I've just completed a black and purple hair flower using this pattern and shall start listing them tomorrow. I'm also thinking of making them as brooches and maybe wrist corsages but that's for another post.

Have a nice Monday,
Heather x


I am so sorry but your photo is not showing on your blog, at least it has not shown it for me.
Hope you can sort it out and look forward to seeing you new design.
TataniaRosa said…
Weird it worked on the laptop. Thanks for telling me. It should be alright now :)

I have come back today and your photo is showing, it was weird but today its here and looks beautiful what a clever idea, I have put knitting and tatting together.