New choker

Good evening.

I have a new listing for you all. 'Cassandra' - a tatted gothic choker (click the picture to see more on Etsy).

This design comes from my bridal headband but instead of the ribbon going through the piece, I've threaded it through two tatted rings at the back.

It took a while to make as I used tiny seed beads but I think it works well. This can be created in other colours.

I think this would look great with a corset or perhaps a Victorian costume.

I have more choker ideas that I'll probably try next week. 

Have a nice weekend,
Heather x

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Michelle said…
Beautiful necklace!
estanisartes said…
Beautiful, congratulations.
God's Kid said…
Great necklace! :)
TataniaRosa said…
Thanks everyone.