Tudor Tatting: A Work In Progress Part 3

I've finished it! Something as big as this takes a lot of concentration. I did make a mistake earlier on but thankfully I was able to rectify it without having to go back too far. I love the final piece and I hope you will too. Here it is:

What do you think? I've attached it to a sheer organza black ribbon. I'm tempted to tat an extra ring at the top right and left to make the sides more rigid but I'll have to think about that. The great thing about tatting is that it is so light, so even though this motif is quite large, it still weights next to nothing.

I'm trying some new thread out at the moment and if it works I might even do this in that colour. This is another thing to think about.

I'll continue creating things tomorrow. Enjoy the snow if you have it.

Heather x


Illusio said…
That is really lovely, well done. Love the colour combination too.

Merry Christmas hun
Sewicked said…
It's gorgeous as is. I'd love to see it in other colors, too.
Carol Lawecki said…
It is a fabulous piece!! I like everything about it, the shape and the colors you have used!!!
Happy Holidays!
tatting-marie said…
I think it is a work of art! What other colors are you thinking of using? Will be interesting to see what you come up with next.
Enjoy the Holidays!
Jane S. said…
Just beautiful! It looks so much like wrought iron work. You tat some amazing things.
Wow, that is stunning! As a matter of fact, all of your pieces are beautiful. The dark colors make them all the more elegant.
Anonymous said…
Wow!! Very stunning and elegant work. A beautiful work. Love the colors.
Fox said…
Tatting at its best.
Fox : )
Frivolina said…
It's wonderful!:)
TataniaRosa said…
Thank you very much for your lovely comments. I'm thinking about doing it all in black. I've also got some purple coming at some point so black and purple might work. There are a few other colour combinations I'm thinking about too. You'll have to wait and see ;)

Happy Christmas everyone.
Diana said…
That's very lovely, and the purple-and-black version would be gorgeous.
Megan said…
What a beautiful piece! Nice job <3

TataniaRosa said…
Thank you. I shall be listing this piece this coming week in my Etsy shop :)