Tudor Tatting: A Work in Progress Part 1

Hello for the second time today. I'm in the process of tatting a large Renaissance/Tudor motif that I shall hopefully be making into a choker. I thought it would be nice to share pictures with you as I create it. I've no idea how many parts this will stretch to but I'm looking forward to sharing with you some of my thoughts. Here goes:

The inner motif:-

I had the idea a few months back for a small motif. This started as a doodle and when I tatted it up the design worked first time. This motif became my Elizabeth pendant and necklace (I already have a few colour variations of this in my Etsy shop). I then thought I could go further with this pattern and soon realised I could do an outer layer. I decided to add some floating rings to the four outer chains. Here is a quarter of this inner motif:

As you can see in the picture I'm using two different reds. I'm thinking of adding another colour to the outer layer but more on that later. For those eagle-eyed people amongst you, yes the bottom colour is new. I received this gorgeous colour (I believe it is called claret) yesterday. I really like how it looks against the other red.

Once I knew the two colours would go together, I continued tatting and have now completed the inner motif. Here it is:

Tomorrow I hope to start the outer motif. I shall take photos as I go and write up the second part in the evening. I hope you have enjoyed this.



❦TattingChic said…
The colors on your motif are lovely! Beautiful work! :)

~TattingChic ♥
Fox said…
Love this motif. And the two reds.

I have wandered around your blog, which I have just discovered (à la Tatting Goddess) and am fascintated by your work! Very, very nice!
Fox : )
Beautiful tatting and a wonderful blog!
TataniaRosa said…
Thank you for your comments. The second part is up now :)