Tuesday, 6 June 2017

More Hand Dyed Thread

Hi all.

Here's my latest hand dyed thread:

This one is called 'Bubblegum Violets' and is available in size 10 cotton thread on Etsy. I've also created it in size 20 and will have that one listed soon. I really love this colour combination.

I'm currently photographing my new skeins, including this tropical inspired one:

I hope to list a couple by Friday. Can't wait to show you all!

Have a nice day / evening.
Heather x

Reading: The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
Listening to: Hounds of Love by Kate Bush
Playing: Tomb Raider (2013)


Madtatter80 said...

I love this color on payday I'll check k it out💟🌹💟

Sheetal Upadhyay said...

Goodness! This is wonderful.

Mind checking my website http://theflyingfedora.blogspot.com/

Unknown said...

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