Busy, busy, busy

~Busy, busy, busy~

Good afternoon all and hello to new fans. You may be wondering what I've been up to for the past month or so. Well, apart from the usual listing of items (I'll talk more about those in a minute), I've also been working on my first ever wholesale order! It has pretty much taken up most of my time but today I finally finished it. It's been a great experience and I'd love to have the chance to do it again one day. If you would like to order wholesale items please contact me either through my email: tataniarosa@hotmail.co.uk or through my Etsy shop.

Whilst that was going on I had lots of fab ideas for other pieces and now that it's finished, I can try some of them out. There's a Christmas themed coaster and a gothic / medieval inspired coaster, the latter I've just started. I've also had ideas for more napkin ring patterns. Speaking of patterns, I've been thinking about selling some of my own. I was going to do it a few weeks ago but haven't had the time. It's definitely high on my list of thing to try and I'm hoping to have some listed before Christmas.


Today is my 3rd Etsy Anniversary! Wow has it really been three years since I started my business. Amazing how time flies. Thank you so much to everyone for all your support. To celebrate I'm going to be running a giveaway / sale from this Friday (I'll give you all the details right here in this blog). I hope you can participate. Don't forget to tell your friends.

~New listings~

My Etsy shop has been gradually filling up with new creations. Here are some of my recent pieces:

In the next few days I'll be listing some more Christmas decorations.

I've also added some gothic creations:

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I have seen your new items on your esty store, I love your bookmarks and the Halloween one great colours