Wedding Coasters

~Wedding Coasters~

Last year I had the idea to make some white tatted coasters. I thought they would be a great and unique addition to any fairytale, Medieval, Victorian themed or modern wedding. So out came my trusty tatting shuttles and I set to work creating them. 

After making the first one, I put it to one side to spend some time on other projects.

Last week I decided to return to these coasters and they are now finished! What do you think? This design was one of my first ideas and I love it! It consists of several rounds of tatting, ending with the chain with picots on the outside ring. It feels Victorian, Renaissance and modern all at the same time.

You can find it on Etsy here.


A brilliant idea and the wedding guests could keep them as a keepsake of the day.
God's Kid said…
Those are very elegant and gorgeous!! :)
Gaye Brownie said…
I love your coasters.
Years ago I tried tatting, but I'm not good at it. This is hard to say since I think I'm good at everything.
You do beautiful work.
Kitty Honeybee said…
Estuve mirando tus trabajos, son super lindos y muy prolijos...¡hermosos!