Tatted Nautical Pendants

Hi all.

I've been working on something a little different.

I'd like to introduce to you my new Seaside Pendant Collection:

These are all available on Artfire. What do you think? I live by the sea so I've grown up around these seaside colours. I suppose it was only natural that I'd want to incorporate this into my tatting. Plastic rings allow me to do just that.

I have a pink and white in the pipeline and there may be a lilac and white coming soon. If they take off I may set up a separate shop just for this style but we'll see.

Heather x


Anonymous said…
These are really sweet in their simplicity!
Alacelover said…
Lovely things.
Uhooi said…
Wow,, This pendant is creative, beautiful and nice,,

They are really sweet, good luck with selling them, they look something different and unusual
TataniaRosa said…
Thanks for your lovely comments everyone.