Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Frivolite and fantasy fun

I have lots of updates for you today.

First of all I've been working on a technique of tatting that is completely new to me - tatting round a plastic ring. In normal tatting you work your double stitches round a core thread but in this case the plastic ring acts as the core thread. This technique involves lots of looping the thread through the middle. It's slower but creates a wonderful end result!

For this one I used silver cotton thread, lots of tiny seed beads and a lovely celtic charm. This piece is a limited edition of four (I have very few of these charms). The first two went up on Etsy recently and then were snapped up very quickly! The third one is up for sale here.
I've also just listed a pair of cream and gold earrings using the same technique. This is my first one of a kind piece. These would look lovely with a prom dress or perhaps a corset. Buy the pair here.
I also have another pendant up on Etsy that uses this design. For this one I used a wonderful hand dyed thread from fellow tatter yarnplayer. Find it here.
What's next? Well I recently completed and listed my first wrist corsage. This piece is on an elasticated beaded bracelet so it will fit most wrist sizes. This is perfect for proms. Buy it here.

This piece took a while to create as there was a lot of sewing involved but it was worth. I'm currently working on a white and lilac corsage.  

I've also created a new adjustable ring. This piece is a black and red rose. You can buy it here.

I'm thinking of doing this in other colours. Any requests?
What else has been going on. Well I've joined deviantART. I'd been thinking about it for a while now but I've finally got round to it. You can find my page here. I've been a fan of this site for a while, there are so many creative people on there and it has a lovely atmosphere.

Now I'm going completely away from the crafting world! With every day that passes, I'm becoming increasingly excited for one TV show: Game Of Thrones.
This is based on the first in a series of medieval fantasy books called 'A Song of Ice and Fire'.
You've probably seen my earlier posts on this so I won't go on too long but if you haven't and don't know about this have a look at this trailer:

Of all the trailers we've seen I think this one is still my favourite:

This has to be the best thing to happen to TV in years! If you love castles, knights, Sean Bean or a good drama, you have to see this.

HBO will be showing Game of Thrones on April 17th and then Sky Atlantic will have it on April 18th!

I'm so excited.

More from me soon,
Heather xxx

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