Anniversary Extravaganza

Tatania Rosa
Anniversary Extravaganza!

Come one, come all to my Anniversary Extravaganza!


I'm having a giveaway. What can I win? I hear you ask. My first offering is a pair of black coasters:

These gorgeous coasters, worth $15 will add an elegant addition to your table.

Once I receive 40 entries I shall unlock another prize:

This sparkly bracelet in brown with gold seed beads (worth $29) is the perfect item for a party, a ball or maybe to wear with a Steampunk outfit. This will be custom fit just for you!

Now for the big one. If I reach 100 entries I shall unlock this dramatic necklace:

Using one of my designs from last year, I have created this necklace with 120 gold seed beads, worth $65. This dramatic piece will definitely get you noticed. It's perfect for Halloween! You can see more photos of the piece here.

So that's potentially three winners. So how can you win one of these? Well there are 8 ways of entering:

A. Heart my Etsy shop

B. Look through my Etsy shop, come back here and in your comment below tell me which is your favourite item and why

C. Buy something from my Etsy shop.

D. Follow this blog

E. 'Like' my Facebook fanpage

F. Follow me on twitter

G. Tweet about this giveaway with a link back to this blog post

H. Blog about my giveaway with a link back to this blog post

Each of these counts as ONE entry and each person can have a MAXIMUM of 8 entries. Once you have done any of these, comment underneath this blog post saying which entries you have done and a way I can contact you (eg. your twitter name or blog address). This giveaway will be open until Thursday 14th October 11pm (UK time) and the winners will be announced Friday 15th October.

If you want to unlock the biggest prize make sure you do as many of these as possible. I will update you throughout the week as to how it's going.
Good luck everyone.

Now on to the next part of my Anniversary Extravaganza!

Silly Sale!

I am participating in the UK Silly Sale. Click here to see the other UK shops involved.
30% OFF items in the Silly Sale section of my shop here. The prices have already been adjust accordingly. Remember, if you buy something, come back here and tell me as this counts as an entry into my giveaway. This sale ends Saturday 9th October 8pm UK time.
Well I think that's it for the moment. Have fun and a massive thank you to everyone.
Heather xxx


cerridwen said…
I hearted your shop (as dystini). Tatted Lace-up Cuff - Bess is my favorite item (although it's hard to choose just one.) Why - it's purple and looks kind of Celtic and just sort of calls to me. I followed you on Twitter as Cerridwen313. I also retweeted your tweet that brought me here.
Waterdew said…
(a) I hearted your shop as waterdesigns
(b) I convo'd you on my best piece in etsy shop (funnily enough the Bess Cuff was my favourite too!)
(d) I also follow your blog (as Helen Wilkins)
(e) and 'like' your facebook fanpage
(f) I also follow you on twitter as waterdew and
(g) retweeted your giveaway.
Can't you tell I want to get my hands on the Elizabeth Royale pendant... it is simply gorgeous! :)
tatting-marie said…
What beautiful gifts you are giving away. Pllllease count me in as I would be proud to own anyone of them. Hope you reach the 100 + comments.
Jane S. said…
I've had you on my "hearts" list on Etsy for a long time now (as janers). I love your stuff!

As for what my favorite design is, I'd have to say that I really like the Helena necklace.

Jane S.
janers41 at yahoo dot com
HippieKender said…
What beautiful tatted pieces. I am just learning and I hope to one day be able to make pieces half as stunning as the things you make!

(a) I hearted your etsy shop as HippieKender
(b) My favorite listing on your etsy shop is the Tatted Necklace and Earrings Set (Elaine)
(d) I follow your blog (through blogger)
(e) I 'like' your facebook page
(f) I follow you on Twitter
(g) I tweeted about your giveaway. (as HippieKender)
(h) I will be posting a blog as soon as I hit 'send' on this comment!

You can find me either through blogger (It should automatically link) or through email hippiechick512[at]yahoo[dot]com

Thanks so much for this generous giveaway!
Wow! This is some fiesta! Congrats to you! Ok, I have done the following:
1) tweeted your anniversary giveaway
2) follow this blog
3) like you on facebook
4) hearted your etsy shop ages ago
5) loving the Christina black tatted earrings
6) follow you on twitter

Congrats again! Theresa
Anonymous said…
Beautiful tatting. Please put my name in.
LeVert92 at
Needledreams said…
Everything loosk so pretty! I hearted you on Etsy, liked on FB, followed on Twiter. My fav thing is the latest Cassandra cuff. It's so pretty in purple and the design is so simple yet very elegant! :-)

The tweet and the blog will go out tomorrow when I'm more alert. :-) I just arrived home and I'm so tire and sleepy. Ah... I hearted/ follow, etc as needledreams and/or Wally
trh said…
1. Love your shop - favorited it.
2. Love the Fleur earings and would buy them if the postage didn't nearly double the cost for me.
3. Added this blog to my follow list.
4. Liked your facebook page.
5. Following you on twitter.
6. Tweeted about this giveaway with a link back.

Your work is lovely - those coasters are fantastic. Thanks for the lovely giveaway too!
Sharon D. said…
What a nice giveaway.I love all of your pieces of tatting. I really like the taated necklace. Did check your facebook site out.
emma cella said…
like on facebook
followeed blog
Mandy said…
Liked on facebook
Following and tweeting on Twitter @piggylady29
My favourite item from your Etsy shop has to be the Tatted Earrings - Fleur, they are just grogeous! :)
Mandy said…
also following your blog :0) x
twannywun said…
follow on facebook, karen scammell
Twannywun at hotmail dot com
twannywun said…
i love tatted earrings fleur with deep red. I love the gorgeous deep red colour and think they would suit me.
Twannywun at hotmail dot com
twannywun said…
i follow your blog as twannywun
Twannywun at hotmail dot com
Me said…
I hearted your shop as rosaleendhu.

My favorite item in your shop right now is the Morgaine choker.

I follow you on twitter as ladymcquillion
Amy said…
I hearted your etsy shop!
amytulk2 (at) hotmail (dot) com
Val said…
wow, happy anniversary. a fabulous giveaway!

(a) i've heart your etsy shop;
(b) i've added a link about your anniversary extravaganza on my blog (;
(c) i liked your FB page; and
(d) i'm totally in love with your tatted braceklet narcissa! it's gorgeous! i love the black crystals in the simple gothic pattern!
(e) lastly, i'd been your blog follower for quite a while now...

Val said…
ahh, i forgot to add...
(f) i'd been following you on twitter
(g) i'd just retweeted about your giveaway!

yay! i think this is going to be fun.
Lady Miss Tiff said…
A. Heart my Etsy shop - DONE

B. Look through my Etsy shop....favourite item and why - All your work is beautiful. Though I usually would go for the black, I really love your Tatted Lace-Up Cuff Bess. Great design and color and the width is fabulous.

D. Follow this blog - DONE

E. 'Like' my Facebook fanpage - DONE

F. Follow me on twitter - HAVE BEEN
Jenni said…
a: following as Raelara
b: My favorite item:

D: Following as raelara
e: done!
Anonymous said…
Excellent idea!!

A. Heart my Etsy shop - DONE - mollymoodesign on etsy

D. Follow this blog - DONE

E. 'Like' my Facebook fanpage - DONE mollymoodesign (initials JW on fb)

F. Follow me on twitter - HAVE BEEN
Anonymous said…
G Just retweeted your link! mollymoodesign on twitter x
Momma'sTime said…
I love love your shop. . .and have for a long time. . .great giveaway ideas.

I have hearted your etsy shop for a long time and love alot of your items, and have hearteda couple, but i like the headband alot.

i have twittered your items and will continue to do so.

i like to follow your blog

and liked your fanpage a long time ago

Good luck on all your sales. . . you amaze me.

Oh what gorgeous work!!! I would be honored to be entered, even better a winner LOL! Thank you for such a neat giveaway!

I am following your blog,
Like your fb,
I'll check out your etsy too, under AAAFalconFineArts

Beautiful work!!!!
Corina said…
You make beautiful stuff, I will become a follower!
Kajivar said…
A. Already done

B. Right now I'm loving the Tatted Necklace - Elizabeth Royale.

C. Did that already. :)

D. Do that in Google Reader.

E. Done that.

F. Already did that, too!
Melanie Gardiner said…
Am following on facebook and twitter


Have tweeted also
Womble said…
wot a lovely giveaway :o) I already follow you on twitter, am now following your blog and have liked you on facebook too :o)

Pop over to my page and enter my giveaway too :o)


Anonymous said…
I love the celtic pink and greenish or purple coulor one, it's like a little gang of clouds ^_^ love from freglin ;)