Something gothic this way comes - Part 1

I'm going to be very secretive in this post.

A few days ago I had an interesting idea for a tatted piece. I started planning it out and soon realised I had all (or nearly all) the required materials to make it up. Great! I got to work immediately. After a while I had to transfer the tatting from my normal sized shuttles to my lager ones due to the length of the piece, which is fine but it slowed me down as there is no hook attached to the end of the shuttle to connect the picots. Several knots, seed beads and hours later I have now finished the base and am feeling very happy with the result. Here's a glimpse:

I'm not going to spill the beans just yet but I am going to say that it has a Tudor / Renaissance / Gothic vibe about it and will look great at parties! I now need to buy a few bits and bobs to finish it off and then I'll show you. This piece was really fun to make and I hope you like it when you see the whole item.

Heather x

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God's Kid said…
Looks amazing!, and I can't wait to see the finished project! :)
Very beautiful! Can't wait to see the entire finished piece. :) Theresa