Happy Easter!

Good morning and Happy Easter everyone!

Loads of things have been happening over here. At present I'm working on a large custom order that I'm aiming to finish sometime today. I'll speak more about this later, suffice to say that this is very exciting order for me.

I've added a few more items to my Etsy shop. One of which is my second lace-up cuff. I decided to use my Elizabeth pattern and then add a second layer. It's in variegated lilac but I can tat it in different colours.

This is my most expensive item so far as it took quite a few hours to create. This would look so beautiful at a Renaissance Faire.

If you would like this as a pair, I'm happy to tat the two up for you. Here's the back.

I've just bought some gold crochet cotton so I'm thinking about tatting a cuff in that soon. I think it might have to be a limited edition run as I'm not sure how much more of that colour I can get. 

I also listed a gothic necklace using my Katherine design. Here's the listing. 

I used red glass beads up the ribbon to bring out the colour of the red seed beads on the motif. Look out for more like this!

The final listing is my Elaine set. Hurry! This is in my SALE section for a limited time only!

I managed to bag a treasury. As you can see I've gone with ethereal items for the theme. I even added a beautiful painting of Titania, the Faerie Queen (this was where the first part of my Shop name, Tatania, came from). Please click and comment.

I've also been icluded in a beautiful Renaissance treasury here

I'll blog more soon. Don't eat too much chocolate :)

Heather x


eaindar said…
Happy Easter to you too... :)

Your Necklace and the cuff is very beautiful.
Kim said…
Happy Easter, Heather! Your treasury is beautiful, and congrats on being featured in the other! Love that necklace & I really would snap up one of those lace-up cuffs in black in a second if only I could... hopefully someday. Enjoy your day!
Vinnie said…
That is a beautiful cuff.
Oooooh,What a beautiful lilac cuff!
And happy Easter!
TataniaRosa said…
Thank you.

Kim - I shall be doing similar sized but cheaper cuffs soon :)
The lilac cuff is so pretty!
your jewellery is lovely, specially this gothic necklace...