Good evening. I've been continuing on with my latest projects. I will say more soon but other than what I've shown you I'd like to keep them under wraps for now. I'll hopefully be able to list one of them by Monday!

My red Lillian bracelet has been included in a lovely treasury entitled 'Made in Britain'. Please check it out here. Thank you very much to LifeCovers. It's great to see so many UKers in one place.

I've created one too. This one is full of wonderful items that remind me of A Song Of Ice and Fire (that I spoke about last time). I've tried to include the red of the Lannisters and their sigil: the lion, the Stark colours, a castle, a wintry forest scene and other things. Click here to see it (ends Sunday). 

I shall blog again on Monday. Have a lovely weekend. Oh and my sale ends Monday morning (UK time).  



Congratulations on appearing in another treasury. And as I mentioned prior, you do indeed make the loveliest treasuries. :) Theresa